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D&D 5e Downtime Manager App DOWNTIME MANAGER
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PLAY YOUR DOWNTIME! “So what did your character do in the past weeks?” – if you’re tired of this question, and would have rather played your downtime, this app is for you. LEARN MORE TRAIN, CRAFT, CREATE When the gaming session ends, start a Downtime Session! Stay in-character until you can play again! LEARN MORE PLAY ALL THE TIME Join our community and you will never miss a single moment! Stay with your favourite party, your favourite character! LEARN MORE


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In a typical campaign, it’s possible for the characters to start at 1st level, dive into an epic story, and reach 10th level and beyond in a short amount of time. While that pace works fine for many campaigns, some DMs prefer a campaign with pauses built into it—times when adventurers do things other than go on adventures. By introducing downtime activities that take weeks, months, or even years of effort, you can give your campaign a longer timeline that allows events in the world to play out over the course of years.

Don’t you want to play D&D during the times when you’re not around the table? What if you dedicated 5 minutes of your time every day to checking in on your character, like your RPG version of a Tamagotchi pet? Instead of playing whatever casual game, you can have your Dwarf create “The Crusher”, a custom war hammer, and keep tabs on the status with your DM. When it’s finished crafting, you could coordinate with the Tiefling wizard in your party to enchant it, sharing the costs and time requirements, so that when the downtime session is over and you’re all gathered together for the next adventure you’ve kept the party working together and have some cool rewards to show for it.

Downtime Manager is a comprehensive tool to manage Downtime Sessions – the time spent between D&D adventures. Using this tabletop companion app, the DM and the party members to create, run and manage activities between adventures, spending the time in a fun way between actual tabletop RPG sessions.


The DM and the Party downloads and installs Downtime Manager!


Your game session ends and you agree on a date for the next one!


The DM set the in-game length of the Downtime Session till your next adventure.


The DM selects and sets the available Downtime Activities for the party!


Players select and play activities, get rewards, stay in character.


Finally the next gaming session arrived! Jump right in, use your rewards!

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Downtime Manager 2.0 is almost here!

Final release is available soon! Join our Discord channel or follow us on Facebook for updates!

D&D 5e Downtime Manager App D&D 5e Downtime Manager App D&D 5e Downtime Manager App D&D 5e Downtime Manager App

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