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D&D 5e Downtime Manager App FINAL RELEASE SOON! Stay tuned! LEARN MORE PLAY YOUR DOWNTIME! “So what did your character do in the past weeks?” – if you’re tired of this question, and would have rather played your downtime, this app is for you. LEARN MORE TRAIN, CRAFT, CREATE When the gaming session ends, start a Downtime Session! Stay in-character until you can play again! LEARN MORE PLAY ALL THE TIME Join our community and you will never miss a single moment! Stay with your favourite party, your favourite character! LEARN MORE
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In a typical campaign, it’s possible for the characters to start at 1st level, dive into an epic story, and reach 10th level and beyond in a short amount of time. While that pace works fine for many campaigns, some DMs prefer a campaign with pauses built into it—times when adventurers do things other than go on adventures. By introducing downtime activities that take weeks, months, or even years of effort, you can give your campaign a longer timeline that allows events in the world to play out over the course of years.

The downtime system allows characters to pursue long-term activities between game sessions. A character selects a downtime activity and pays the cost of that activity in time and money. You, as DM, then follow the rules for the activity to resolve it, informing the player of the results and any complications that ensue.

Unearthed Arcana (Wizards of the Coast)


The DM and the Party downloads and installs Downtime Manager!


Your game session ends and you agree on a date for the next one!


The DM set the in-game length of the Downtime Session till your next adventure.


The DM selects and sets the available Downtime Activities for the party!


Players select and play activities, get rewards, stay in character.


Finally the next gaming session arrived! Jump right in, use your rewards!

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Stay tuned for updates and news!

Downtime Manager 2.0 is almost here!

Final release is available soon! Join our Discord channel or follow us on Facebook for updates!

D&D 5e Downtime Manager App D&D 5e Downtime Manager App D&D 5e Downtime Manager App D&D 5e Downtime Manager App

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We’re playing D&D since 1994. We’re ancient. We can still remember our university years, having one or two gaming sessions every week, talking about the party all the time, keeping the dice bag and the character sheet with us – just in case. Now we’re past 40, we can only play four, probably five times a year, spending a weekend with the next mind-bending adventure of our Evil DM. We wanted more.We wanted to play between gaming sessions, spend the time in a meaningful way, stay in-character, have an occasional chat with the DM and in general: try to play as much as possible. Once we were driving home together from a session, discussing that there’s no way we can wait for 3 months till we can sit together again. We explored chat groups, social media group pages, we tried instant messaging, but our Evil DM could only answer so much messages a day and it all winded down.

Then we realized that technology can and will help: we’ll create an app for ourselves so we can spend downtime the way we want: by playing between gaming sessions. Or as close to playing as possible. This is why we started to create this: because we know you suffer the same problem. You want to see your wizard learning a new spell. You need to know how the construction of your mansion is going. You want to be there when your dwarf fighter raises his battle axe from the forges.

And you don’t want to spend the first hours of the painfully organized gaming session by describing these activities. You don’t want to use charts and roll the dice to see what your character could do. You want to do it. You want to play it. You want to stay in-character between gaming sessions.

And that’s how Downtime Manager was born! We launched the first version in the first half of 2021, expecting a few hundred “downtimers” to join us – instead we had thousands of downloads. People started to give feedback, and we started to think that this problem exists for others as well!

We listened to each and every one of those feedbacks and spent another good half a year to revamp, refine, re-code nearly the entire app. We changed a lot of things – we didn’t leave any stone unturned, in fact.

And so, Downtime Manager 2.0 is (almost) here, with the Open Beta Test happening right now, so we can (hopefully) release before Easter. We are receiving an enormous amount of feedback again, so our team is keeping their nose on Discord and the mailboxes.