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Adventure Hooks for Downtime #10

Long Journeys, Short Stories

The Missing Caravan

When the team arrives to Lakeburgh from Whitekeep after a two-day trip, they find out that the caravan that left Whitekeep the day before they left did not arrive. The case is quite interesting because there was no fork on the road leading here, nor did the team meet the caravan.


After several days of a long, boring and tiring journey, the team arrives to Stormvalley Pass. However, the road is impassable, destroyed by something: an earthquake, bad weather, angry giants, or a crazy wizard – but that seems to be irrelevant at this point . The team must cut their way through the wilderness because they can’t afford a two-week detour. They are under time pressure now, because they have to get to their destination a lot sooner.

Silence is Golden?

The team arrives to the Silent Owl Inn in the middle of the Amber Forest. Smoke billows from the chimney, a cow grazes peacefully next to the inn, fire crackles in the fireplace inside, fresh-cut flowers blossom in vases atop the set tables, but there is no one in the inn. Not a living creature. There are also no corpses, no bloodstains, nor traces of any fight. The staff and guests simply vanished.


New Magic Item: Saddle of Warning

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

This magical saddle warns you of danger. While you ride using this saddle, you can detect traps and natural obstacles (hidden pits, quicksand, etc.) within 60 feet automatically. Also, you and your mount have advantage on initiative rolls. In addition, you and your mount can’t be surprised, except when you are incapacitated by something other than nonmagical sleep (from which the saddle magically awakens you).

Because this magical saddle is based on a military saddle design, it also has its advantage: it gives you advantage on any check you make to remain mounted.


New Downtime Action: Crafting Saddle of Warning


The maker must be proficient with Leatherworker’s Tools, and must have at least 4 points on the Arcana skill (including any ability bonuses).


It takes 20 days to create the saddle, and it costs 400 gold pieces.

Special properties:

Because it is a simple item, additional downtime activities can be done in parallel while creating it.