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Adventure Hooks for Downtime #12

Adventures in the Library

I just to love to use libraries in my adventures! They make such a great place for mysteries, magical duels and secret rendezvous…

The curious case of the (almost) missing books

The party has just finished a quest retrieving a rare book for the Library of Wizardry. As they start to replenish their supplies and have some well-deserved days of rest, they are approached by one of the librarians. Oddly enough, she’s hesitant to tell the whole story because it seems so ridiculous: some of the books have gone missing from the Library, but they are back the following day. She checked three times and found a tendency: some tomes are missing late afternoon, but they are always back by the morning.

A nothic dwells in the library. He’s been in this cursed state for decades now and hasn’t given up the hope to reverse his condition. He steals some books and reads them overnight, but with no luck so far. The encounter can go multiple ways: if the party is aggressive, the nothic will defend itself. If they only want to scare him away, he’ll lay low for a few days then start stealing and reading books once more. Once he’s read all the books, he’ll move on to another library.

The jealous book

A sickness started to spread among the acolytes. The symptoms include itching hands, insomnia, and hallucinations. All acolytes have spent a lot of time in the Library, learning for the following exams or preparing for the next assignment. The sickness appears to be magical and can easily be cured by the healers, but after a few days, it just comes back. Only the gnomish acolyte with the funny accent appears to be immune. He denies that he’s got anything to do with this, but his classmates start to turn against him, making his life miserable. Even some of the teachers agree that his dark blood has something to do with this.

A sentient book is the culprit. It’s been lying dormant for centuries when the unfortunate gnome opened it, looking for a spell to get rid of his funny accent. Now that the book has experienced the joy of being read, it has become greedy! And jealous. Any student who’s choosing another book from the nearby shelves is cursed by the needy tome. What’s inside the book? What knowledge does it contain? Is it dangerous? It’s up to the party to investigate.