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Adventure Hooks for Downtime #2

Let’s make this a recurring thing: we’ll post a few new adventure hooks every week for you to use in your Downtime sessions!

These are mainly meant to be used during 1:1 sessions between a DM and a Player during downtime, but can be extended to be large-scale adventures easily.

The following 2 hooks are from our Discord Channel, from our esteemed user TheAlphaTurkey! Kudos for the content!

  • Badger down an alleyway: A rowdy tavern results in a challenge to the player character – catch a giant badger! Luckily, one has been spotted outside the tavern, scavenging in the alleyways. The badger scarpers as soon as the character comes into sight, leading on a chase through the city.
  • Shrubbery Skullduggery: Once the player character is decently well known within a town, some local child try to get the player to play with them, pulling him towards the local maze outside town in excitement. If the player chooses to go, he quickly realises he is lost within the maze with no exit in sight – and no children to be seen. It soon transpires that the maze is filled with awaken shrubs, changing the maze at will. A wizened druid once crafted the maze to entertain children, but once his village was raided and he fell to barbarians, he bade the shrubs to not let any children leave in an attempt to keep them safe. The PC can hear the children calling for help, and eventually finds them (at the center of the maze are the druids original children – skeletons now as they starved to death).

This one is from Tom, one of our resident DMs:

  • The Gypsy Camp: the character receives an invitation from a friend to visit a gypsy camp near his or her current location. The traveling folk accepts the character warmly, provides food and entertainment. He or she is even invited to join a dancing contest, a knife throwing contest where participants need to throw a knife into the ground as closely to each other’s feet as possible, a drinking contest and inevitably, some fortune telling. You can use this to give some hints regarding the main adventure. At a certain point, the rival gypsy family arrives to the camp, with a boy and a girl. The girl belongs to this camp, the boy is member of the rival one. They are in love and wanted to escape, since they knew the two families would never approve the marriage. Since the character is the only independent person in the camp, the families entrust him or her to be the judge. We suggest deep roleplaying, lots of NPCs and some further complications…

Have fun and stay safe!

Do you have an adventure hook? Log in to our Discord server and send it to our EvilDM! We’ll feature it in the next compilation!