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Godfather D&D 5e Downtime

Adventure Hooks for Downtime #3

“Let’s make some background wealth”

Here comes three adventure hooks from our very own Igor v9! When the character feels that he’s famous and a bit wealthy, it’s time to create a steady source of income!

  • Taking over the family business: the venture of your family needs some extra care! Or so you think so. Whether it’s fresh capital or using some of the connections you made during your adventures, the business will surely benefit from it! Problem comes in the form of greedy and (mostly) incompetent relatives. They do not like what you do and would like to murder you. They like what you do and would like to marry you to a distant relative. They see an opportunity in you to milk your treasury and stuff their own pockets. They like your money and would like to steal it or try to blackmail you using a foolishness you made years and years ago…
  • Money without borders: smuggling is a great business – unless you are caught by the authorities! Entering this business line is dangerous, especially if you turn out to be successful! Just find an underserved niche, a real need and build the supply chain! But be careful: rival bands will surely take notice, and depending on the level of organized crime, you might find yourself in a pickle. Will they make an alliance? Will they try a hostile takeover?
  • Academy of rich kids: since your name is moderately known by now, it is a great idea to open a “School of Adventurers” for the spoiled kids of rich nobles. It sounds like easy money, right? But what happens when daddy hears about it and he’s not happy? Well, depending on the influence he wields, you might scale up the business and own a real Academy, or find yourself fleeing the city. You thought it’s all about teaching fencing, basic map reading and some monster lore. But it’s all about politics, licensing and knowing the right people!

Have fun and stay safe!

Do you have an adventure hook? Log in to our Discord server and send it to our EvilDM! We’ll feature it in the next compilation!