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Wedding D&D 5e Downtime

Adventure Hooks for Downtime #4

Three new side-quest ideas for your one-on-one sessions to play during downtime!

  • Wedding: an old friend of the character’s is getting married! She used to be an adventurer, but gave up on the dangerous life a few years ago when she met the love of her life. The wedding will take place in a typical adventurer tavern at a crossroads and all the famous an infamous adventurers of the realm are invited. After the ceremony and the feast the guests play some wedding games: dance blind-folded and guess who the partner is, singing contest and so on. At midnight, as it is custom, the friends of the groom kidnap the bride and only give her back for “ransom”. Things get pretty serious though when the guests find the friends knocked out and tied up, with the bride nowhere to be found.
  • Apples: as the character bides his or her time between two adventures, trying to rest a bit before the next big thing, a humble farmer approaches the character. He has a magical orchard with a three special apple trees that are going to blossom tonight. He’s afraid that the flowers will be stolen and should that happen, the tree wouldn’t produce fruits. If pressed, the farmer tells the character that he bought the seeds from a fey last year, and they have become full-grown trees in just twelve months. The fey warned him that he must protect the flowers at all costs, or something terrible would happen. The farmer is willing to pay an apple from the tree if the character helps him.
  • Wager: two devils entered a friendly contest. The one who can seduce more mortals and make them sell their souls in a single night wins a 100 soul tokens. They happened to enter a small village where the character is spending his or her downtime. The two devils take the form of traveling merchant, selling “useful things” to the villagers: these include small favours, items long lost or their hearts’ desire. The villagers are not without sins either: petty thefts, adultery, family feuds and such poison their everyday lives, which the devils take advantage of. At a certain point, the character is approached by one of them, offering an item the character always wanted.

Have fun and stay safe!

Do you have an adventure hook? Log in to our Discord server and send it to our EvilDM! We’ll feature it in the next compilation!