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Family Downtime D&D 5e

Adventure Hooks for Downtime #5

Today we came up with two ideas (from our very own Igor v9) which can be easily adapted to any character’s circumstances.

„But… you should be dead!”

This classic theme has been covered by a lot of books and movies, but the possibilities are endless.

The character had been away from home for so long that he was pronounced dead. The situation can have several different consequences, some examples are:

  • boyfriend/girlfriend/groom/bride/husband/wife married someone else, voluntarily or under duress
  • the beloved family has taken over the business and doesn’t really want to give it back
  • heirs never seen before turn up and put their hands on the property
  • the local mayor/landlord/count/etc. has put a mortgage on the estates
  • the belongings were auctioned and given to others who don’t want to return them (poor Bilbo…)
  • and our Crazy Mastermind’s favorite: the character was declared heroically dead and a statue was erected for him. The local community, which nurtures its memory, receives a rich contribution from the local baron, which they would lose if it turned out that our hero was quite alive.

„Give it back!”

  • The character returns home with a loot object which someone else wants very much, such as:
  • some clumsy kobolds try to steal back the sacred (but worthless) bronze goblet of their clan
  • the dwarf king’s “diplomatic” delegation reclaims its ancient weapon
  • the not-so-friendly cult wants to take away (by force) the extraordinarily pure (and precious) gemstone, which is the last
  • component to summon their patron
  • an unknown art collector wants to acquire an art object at a strikingly high price, which actually contains secret traces of a forgotten ancient city full of treasures

Have fun and stay safe!

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