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Adventure Hooks for Downtime #6

It’s been a while since we came up with adventure hooks or side-quests for you! Today we give you four!

The fair

There’s a large fair in the nearby town every year. Artisans and merchants from far and wide offer their intriguing curios and collectibles making the event a popular attraction. The town folks and travelers look forward to the event every year, but this year very few merchants have arrived, for seemingly no reason most of the booths are empty…


It’s not easy to become a member of a dwarven king’s royal guard. There are family and clan politics, strict qualification requirements, and dwarves don’t age out of the job very quickly. With at most five openings every decade, applicants must complete a series of challenges determined by the whims of the king. This year’s potentials were required to return from a nearby cavern with a rare purple flower. None have returned.


A beloved spiritual leader of a village is always available to offer guidance or advice to those that need it. He’s such a beloved cleric that his weekly sermons are filled with locals and travelers alike who traditionally leave with an overwhelming feeling of peace and tranquility. Today’s mass was very unusual, though. First of all, the cleric didn’t turn up at all, and the absence of the blessings have left the parishioners heavily agitated with fights breaking out in the town square…


A dwarven warrior King is in need of a new mighty weapon after his signature warhammer was damaged in battle. However, he has a very specific list of unusual materials that must be used in the forging process and neither the royal smith, nor the King’s own runemancer is in a good shape to hunt them down.


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