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Adventure Hooks for Downtime #7

Some Short but Sturdy Adventure Hooks


The birthday gift of the dwarf king is ready! Hefthyn – or Guardian in the common tongue -, the indomitable warhammer has been forged. The warhammer is covered in mystic runes that protect it from harmful magic, but also prevent it from being magically transported. The road is long and full of dangers – and the presence of such a mighty item will surely attract unwanted attention. Even with a garrison of Dwarves escorting the treasured item, additional mercenary muscle has been requested.

Troubled Master

The master weaponsmith of this dwarven clan has been melding and forging the same piece of metal for months now. Known for his hot temper his apprentices have stopped inquiring as to the reason why he is so fixated on the metal. One night he’s overheard loudly shouting about the stone giants, the next day he was gone with the unknown metal he was forging.

Fools Gold

A mighty wizard known for her explorations while alive, laid a curse upon her tower when she neared death. No one that has entered the lands surrounding the tower’s location since has returned, and the rumors began to grow that she was protecting a clutch of maps to secret locals, and unfathomable treasures. A former companion of hers was seen recently in a nearby town. He claimed her maps contain the location of a Lost Realm known only to the Dragons and believed he could retrieve it. With some help of course.

New Item: Hefthyn (one-handed Warhammer)

legendary (requires attunement)

You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. While holding it, you gain a +2 bonus to Armor Class. as the weapon automatically tries to parry incoming attacks. Damage by the weapon is considered to be force damage.

Absorb spell: while holding this warhammer, you can use your reaction to absorb a spell that is targeting you, the warhammer, or the area you are in. The absorbed spell’s effect is canceled, and the spell’s energy – not the spell itself – is stored in the warhammer. The energy has the same level as the spell when it was cast. The warhammer can absorb and store up to 25 levels of energy maximum. If you, the weapon, or your area is targeted by a spell that the weapon can’t store because of the limit, the weapon has no effect on that spell, therefore it is resolved in a regular way.

Release absorbed energy: if you are a dwarf wielding the warhammer, you can convert the energy stored in it to boost your strikes with mighty force. Once in each turn, when you make an attack roll using the warhammer, you can spend charges to boost your attack. You can use a charge in two ways: to give you +1 bonus to the attack roll (per charges spent), or to increase the weapon’s damage by 1d8 force damage (per charges spent).

The maximum number of charges you can spend on a single attack is equal to your Constitution bonus, but you are free to split the charges between attack or damage. For example, if you have a Constitution score 16, you can use 3 charges: 2 to increase your attack bonus by 2, and 1 to increase your damage by 1d8.

After you became attuned to the weapon, you always know how many levels of spell energy it currently has stored.


New Downtime Action: Crafting Hefthyn

Cooperative downtime action.

Requires the participation of a dwarf fighter of at least level 5, a dwarf cleric of at least level 5, a wizard (any race) of at least level 5.

The fighter must have the Smith’s Tools, Carpenter’s Tools and Leatherworker’s Tools proficiencies.

The cleric must have at least 5 points on the Arcana skill (including any ability bonuses), a minimum Wisdom score of 16 and must know the Protection from Energy and Dispel Magic spells.

The wizard must have at least 5 points on the Arcana skill (including any ability bonuses), a minimum Intelligence score of 16 and must know the Counterspell and Glyph of Warding spells.

Item costs to create Hefthyn:

  • a molar of a stone giant
  • the antimagic eye of a beholder
  • a single scale of an adult red dragon
  • a gem worth at least 10 000 Gold
  • 7 pounds of mithril
  • 3 feet of ironwood

It takes 5 years to create the weapon. The process requires such great concentration that no additional downtime activities can be done in parallel while creating the weapon. This downtime action can span multiple downtime sessions.