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Adventure Hooks for Downtime #9

Hello there, Downtimers!

Here are a few adventure hooks straight from our brewery, I hope you’ll like them!

The siege

After asking for shelter for a few nights in the castle of a local landlord, our adventurers find themselves right in the middle of a siege. Without any preamble or warning, orcs start to pour from the shafts and caverns by the hundreds, quickly surrounding the fort. There are shamans and witch-doctors are leading the army, and the whole business is too organized and well-executed for such savage brutes. The castle has around a week of supplies, if carefully rationed.

The gatekeepers are able to close the drawbridge just in time thanks to a vigilant sentry, but unfortunately many castle-dwellers are stuck outside the walls. These poor folks are quickly captured and taken away, and the screams start not long after… Many families are torn apart, but there’s not much the defenders can do to save the captives. It’s clear that the orcs are using them to break the morale.

Two quick attacks are repelled by the defenders in the first hours, with attackers suffering massive casualties – but still their fighting spirit remains unbroken! A few council members start to wonder why the orcs would attack such a well-defended fort when raiding villages or smaller towns would be much easier. Surely there’s something here they want so badly that they are willing to sacrifice their folk by the dozen! After turning the castle upside down, an iron crown is found in the treasure vault. It has arrived as part of the tithe from a lesser baron a few months back. A quick magical inspection reveals the item to be evil, with strong traces of conjuration and mind magic…

One fool…

As they travel through the forest road, the heroes find the remains of a recently deceased dwarf. It’s clear that she’s been robbed and killed not long ago. After searching the site, traces of mithril are found! How is this possible? How can a lonely traveller carry such a value when it’s usually guarded by a small army? Professional mining equipment is also found scattered around, along with some items that one can use to survive in the depths. Based on the evidence, she must have found the ore not far from here!

If true, this would be truly remarkable, because the last known, almost-depleted mine is months of riding away! After a short search, they also find a hand-drawn map in the inner lining of the dwarf’s helmet showing the exact location.

An epic story – one that maybe changes the future of the whole region – begins! Treasure and danger in the depths, rival parties, dark secrets await!

The restorer

The party enters a small town, staying in the local inn for a night. As the townsfolk gather around them, eager to hear the stories of an adventurer group, the local captain of the guards approaches them, asking for help.

The local museum of fine arts is the main (and only) tourist attraction and source of the town’s income. Unfortunately, the museum is closed now, since the restorer was found dead one morning with his neck broken – with almost superhuman strength. As the captain has little experience with investigations and solving mysteries, he’s counting on the party’s help.

The museum mainly exhibits works of art, but there are also objects and memorabilia from a great battle fought in the region hundreds of years ago. The restorer was working on a painting when he died, picturing a rider at the turning point of the battle, wearing a white shirt on a prancing horse. Investigation reveals the rider to be none other than Sir Heftvar, leader and hero of the friendly forces, sworn defender of the region.

If they investigate further, they can find smaller copies of this painting, where Sir Heftvar is wearing a full plate armor, yet this one depicts him only wearing a shirt… His sword is missing, too…


The Frame of Rhoomo
It looks like an ordinary wooden picture frame, but closer magical inspections reveal tiny, exquisite runes on its edge. The frame is an intelligent artifact, with a mischievous spirit locked inside. It has the power to bring items from the painting it contains to life, then when enough death and suffering has been caused, it teleports to another museum, replacing the original frame. The frame especially likes battle scenes, as there are armors to animate and swords to fly.Properties:Animate Object: (1/day, with unlimited command range and number of commands). Similar to the animate object spell. The frame mostly targets armors and weapons, creating Animated Armors and Flying Swords.Possession: (1/day) One Humanoid within 5 ft. of the artifact must succeed on a DC 15 Charisma saving throw or be possessed and the target loses control of its body. The spirit of the frame now controls the body but doesn’t deprive the target of awareness. The possession lasts until sunrise, or until the host drops to 0 Hit Points, turned or forced out by an Effect like the Dispel Evil and Good spell. The frame mainly uses this ability to protect or replace itself.Relocate: After 10 humanoid victims have been killed by the animated objects, the frame opens a one-way portal to another museum, replacing the frame of a random painting.