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Adventure Hooks for Downtime #1

Here’s a collection of 7 adventure hooks I used in the past when players wanted 1:1 downtime session between gaming sessions.

I really like playing these short adventures, PBEM style, using chat (Discord, Messenger, WhatsApp). Of course our DT Manager app will feature options and tools for these sessions!

  • A friend in need: an old friends reaches out to the character and asks for help. She is a farmer not far away from the character’s current location. Recently got widowed with two kids and some goblins started to rob her livestock. The goblins in reality want her to leave as the farm has been built over an ancient goblin sacrificial site. The aura of the site made her husband die and will eventually kill her and the kids as well.
  • Bad neighbour: a new neighbour is moving next to the character. Can be the next room in a tavern or next apartment. He’s a well-known bonvivant, having a party in the apartment nearly every day, making it impossible for the neighbourhood to sleep. They obviously ask for the character’s help and when the bonvivant is confronted, he invites the hero to the next party. It turns out that the bonvivant is in fact a cursed Dream Eater, who, instead of dreams, consumes “the lack of sleep” in the neighbourhood. He is more than willing to leave, should the hero help him break the curse.
  • Inheritance: the daughter of the baker is being followed! She’s a very attractive girl and her father very protective, so he asks the character (who’s a regular customer), to be a bodyguard for a day. That will surely scare the stalker away! It does not. The baker’s wife had a love affair with a charming prince some 18 years ago and now that the prince dying, he’s desperately looking for heirs. The last hope is the “baker’s” daughter.
  • Broken flute: trouble in the best pub! The flute of the bard went missing! The bard was slightly drunk last night and the character has to retrace his steps to find the flute. The bard remembers the locations vaguely: a rich lover, a spa, a cockfight pit, a pub and a park. As they visit the five locations, weird details surface: a lock of bard’s hair found with the lover, some sweat bottled in the spa, blood from an accident in the pit, saliva in the pub and dirty clothes in the park. All belonging to the bard. They are all parts of a strange ritual, with the locations being 5 points of a pentagram on the city map. The flute is in the middle, with the caster being a smart, kind, but slightly deformed witch wanting the love of the bard for a very long time.
  • Hunting: the character is invited to join a hunt by the local baron. They ride out at dawn with a larger company. After some hours spent with shooting deer and rabbits, the baron finds the footprints of a young green dragon. He insists on hunting it. The hunting party follows the tracks and quickly confronts the dragon. The baron slays it, then brings her head with him as trophy. There’s a celebration in the hunting lodge later that night, but the celebration quickly turns into a siege as some dark powers from the woods attack the lodge. The green dragon was the pet of the local druid and he wants compensation.
  • Thunderstorm: as the character travels the road to visit a relative, the worst thunderstorm ever catches him or her unawares. Luckily, there’s a manor nearby, so the hero rides there and asks for shelter. The lady of the house is giving birth tonight, so the lord is in a very happy mood, agreeing to receive a guest. The lady dies in childbirth, and the child is… something else. It quickly hides in the house, while the father is slowly getting consumed by madness. Some of the staff goes missing not soon after, and the investigating heroes finds out that the father is a warlock, who in return for power, some 30 years ago agreed to offer the first fruit of his seed to the Great Old One. He wanted to break the bargain, looking for rituals to get rid of the deal, and thought he succeeded. He did not and the Great Old One wants to collect the debt, with interest.
  • The new bell (horror, 18+): there’s a new bell in the local church tower and its sound is like nothing you’ve heard before! It brings back childhood memories and joy, affecting the neighbourhood in a very positive way. In parallel, homeless people start to go missing. After some investigation, it turns our that the local priest made a deal with a devil who gave him a bell. It uses people instead of a bronze bell-clapper… As the person inside the bell slowly dies, his blood is consumed by the bell and the soul of the victim joins the ranks of devils in the Blood War.


Do you have an adventure hook? Log in to our Discord server and send it to our EvilDM! We’ll feature it in the next compilation!