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Igor's Downtime Lab D&D 5e Downtime

Development Diary #1


First of all, I want to thank our Downtimers for joining us on this fantastic journey! We were very excited when we published our app, and we are very happy with the feedbacks so far.

Our team asked me to write a short Dev Diary from time to time, so here is the first one. So, what are we working on now?

I already collected ALL requests from literally everywhere – social channels, personal feedbacks, the Dustbin of Leftout Dreams, and my old notes (tons of yellowed papers and booklets, yep, i am sometimes a little bit old-fashioned). We discussed, reviewed, sorted and prioritised them, and together we made our first high-level roadmap for the next period.

Without going into the details (and irresponsible promises), the upcoming developments are focusing on:

  • Google ID and Apple ID – based login besides the current Facebook authentication
  • Additional elements on the Character sheet (concentrating on Downtime-related things)
  • Some downtime activity upgrades
  • Fine tuning of the downtime management system itself, for a wider range of needs (and for greater joy)
  • Some UX/UI facelift

Lots of todo, right? We are on it 🙂

Have fun, stay home, take care of yourselves!

Igor v9
(Crazy Scientist/Superior Mastermind)