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Development Diary #12

Greetings, Downtimers!

We’re back with one more update before the official launch of Downtime Manager 2.0! But worry not, we have even more feature updates coming soon, and users can vote on which we should prioritize on our website!

Version 2.1 is uploaded and will be available on all platforms this week! There are even more new features that we’d like to show you what the planning team is working on! This is a favorite topic of the teams – and based on the votes cast in the available features poll, a popular one too!

Estates and Buildings

As characters adventure through a role playing game they will inevitably amass a certain amount of wealth that becomes opulent to carry around. In long running campaigns, there are often regions that the characters continue to return to, or a central hub to where adventures begin. Eventually your characters may decide to invest in estates, businesses, or other locations as a group base of operations.

Acquiring land deeds and building properties can be an expensive activity in both time and money. The challenge for us was how to present a basic level of content that fits what most players would like while still providing some room for creativity with user homebrew content.

The Basics

We’ve been thinking a lot on how this cool topic should be represented in our app, but then Occam’s razor helped with that, too: the simpler the better. We discussed it internally (or infernally?), and after quite a few heated debates, this is the system we’ve come up with:

  • Before being able to build anything, adventurers first need to get an estate. An Estate is a parcel of land or territory that various Downtime Action will give you: you can buy, inherit, gamble, or win estates.
  • Characters will be able to erect buildings on these estates. Every building will require a certain size of land – so characters will get a new numerical currency that they can “spend” on buildings (besides the usual requirements and costs).
  • Certain buildings will have other buildings as “downtime action requirements”: for example, you can only build a dungeon If you have the appropriate building above ground (fort, castle, tower, etc.).
  • As in real life, several buildings can only be built by “upgrading” previous ones: a hut will become a house, a house a villa and so on. The previous one will be used as a “downtime action cost”, so it will be exchanged on your character sheet with the new one. A similar feature is available with items currently in the app.

Tech tree of buildings

We hope you like this approach! Of course, features mean nothing without default content – but rest assured, we will upload lots of buildings you can spend downtime sessions with! And naturally, adding homebrew content will be possible, so nothing will save the party from being able to create their own tavern-circus-dungeon-tower!

Starting Content

We are pleased to announce that after careful consideration, several critical hits and Counterspells, the first-ever official Tech Tree of Buildings is on paper. Once it’s in a presentable shape, we’ll share it with you and will ask for your feedback! Our very own Igor v9 learned quite a lot about medieval buildings, architecture and construction techniques – meaning he’s ready to answer any questions on Discord!

Until then, here’s a little sneak peek, with the working title “From Hut to Fortress”. You can see the planned “costs”, the buildings which are replaced/upgraded and the barracks as requirements, which will stay on the character sheet.


Have fun, get vaccinated and take care of yourselves!

Igor v9 and the Planning Team
(Crazy Scientist/Superior Mastermind/Chief Architect)


Downtime Manager 2.0 is officially available on Monday, May 17th!

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