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Igor's Downtime Lab D&D 5e Downtime

Development Diary #14

Greetings, Downtimers!

I want to begin today’s update by thanking the community for all your continued support for Downtime Manager! We’re thrilled that so many of you are checking out the Feature Roadmap and voting for your preferences! 

We’re happy to continue adjusting the features to react to what you, our users, are telling us. We want Downtime Manager to be the best it can be so keep it up! We’re always available on our Discord for questions or suggestions and  please keep voting for what features you want to see next at “Roadmap for new features and updates” and influence us!

Based on your votes, we’re planning and developing version 2.2 to include:

  • Estates: We have created a new currency: Acres. These will represent the areas available to you where you can build. You will be able to see the total available and the occupied amount of acres on your character sheet.
  • Buildings: We detailed the plans for constructing buildings in our previous development diary. We’re all done creating the system for you to begin using these features in the next update! Just a few more art pieces to add, picking the coolest looking tower is tough!
  • Related DTAs: We’re testing the attached Downtime Activities to go with Estates and Buildings. These will all be usable as templates for you to create your own Homebrew options with your DM and Players! We’ll have a basic building tech tree for everyone as well!
  • Cooperative DTAs: Working together is important. We’re still developing these so you’ll be able to collaborate with other players to combine resources and skills on your Downtime Activities.  We’ve given it a pretty great name, but we don’t want to reveal all our secrets just yet.

Other things you signaled / requested on other channels (also thanks):

  • All (SRD) spells: This is a low hanging fruit that we didn’t think would be a priority at first, but thanks to your feedback we will be including these in version 2.2.
  • Scroll items and Scribe Scroll DTAs: While there is always the option to Homebrew a Downtime Activity for scrolls, we’ll be adding a base collection of these for you to choose from as well.


Downtime Manager 2.1 is officially available!

Have fun, get vaccinated and take care of yourselves!

On behalf of the development team:

Igor v9

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