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Development Diary #15

Greetings, Downtimers!

Great news: we’ve started the final testing phase for the 2.2 update of Downtime Manager!

We discussed the new features in our previous update here for your reference: Development Diary 14). This one is shaping up to be a pretty major update, as you can see! We’re adding buildings, scrolls, cooperative downtime actions… aaaaaand….

… based on the roadmap polls (Roadmap for new features and updates), it will include a hotly requested additional subscription feature!

  • Shared party subscription: DMs with D20 subscription can extend their subscriptions to their party members! This will allow all the players in parties run by the DM to access the homebrew content created by their DM.

Woohoo! Thanks for the valuable feedback from all who asked for this! We wholeheartedly agree that this is a really great way to open up the app to more users and gow the Downtime Manager community!

We spent many long hours figuring out the best way to implement this new feature. The final iteration that we’ll be implementing was concocted in the mind of our lead developer and the man that runs our D&D campaigns (thx EvilDM!)! 

This is how it will work:  the party will “inherit” the subscription level of its DM with a D20 subscription when it comes to the homebrew content created by that DM (and that DM only!). This would mean that party members without any subscription can use the homebrew items, magic items, spells, buildings, skills, races, classes, languages, proficiencies and downtime actions created by their DM – as long as the DM has a valid D20 subscription and he or she is the DM of the party. Simple, isn’t it?

So, what are  you waiting for? Go out and tell your DM to get on board so your entire adventuring party can start taking advantage of the new features coming in Downtime Manager 2.2!

Until then, remember:

Downtime Manager 2.1 is officially available!

Have fun, get vaccinated and take care of yourselves!

On behalf of the development team:

Igor v9

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