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Igor's Downtime Lab D&D 5e Downtime

Development Diary #17

Greetings, Downtimers!

You voted, we listened! As you can see under “Roadmap for new features and updates“, we have started creating the ‘Homebrew uploaders’ leaderboard”. First we need to clean up the database a bit so that we can show nice leaderboards based on:

  • Likes: how many users liked the homebrew content.
  • Adds: how many times was that homebrew content added to a character sheet.
  • Creator activity: who’s the most productive homebrew creator?

We need to show these awesome new details on the UI, so we had to redesign some parts. This is an example:

Homebrew proficiencies

Do you like it? Let us know!

In addition, to make things even more interesting, we’ll select 3 homebrew content every week and post them on our social media channels! We will also come up with rewards for the most active creators and for the owners of the most popular homebrew content!


Downtime Manager 2.2 is available!

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On behalf of the development team:

Igor v9

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