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Igor's Downtime Lab D&D 5e Downtime

Development Diary #2


I’m not saying it as a complaint, but there are so many ideas and feedback coming from You, dear Downtimers that we can hardly process and re-prioritize. Many thanks! You are awesome!

The first feature release is available since last Saturday (Google and Apple ID, mainly), so the question arises again: what are we working on now?

The next few steps in our roadmap:

  • The Magically Forgotten Leave Button (TMFLB)
  • Couple of quick bugfixes
  • Downtime activity re-thinkings and upgrades
  • Elements on the Character sheet:
    • Item list management, and everything related
    • Function to manage languages
    • Design of homebrew races and classes

Especially in connection with the last point, we are working a lot to get as much legal (Official d20 SRD) content as possible into the application, but this will tie our hands in many places.

But I think there are still plenty of options left in the app, as our creative imagination and the feedback from our fellow Downtimers is inexhaustible. Thank you for that!

Have fun, stay home, take care of yourselves!

Igor v9
(Crazy Scientist/Superior Mastermind)