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Development Diary #21

Hello there,

It’s EvilDM now, Igor v9 is spending his well-deserved holiday with his family, hiking in the hills.

So first of all, thank you for all the feedback we’ve received! It’s been quite overwhelming in fact. We’ve spend a lot of time sorting bug reports, feature requests and clarification questions out. It is quite clear to me that you guys want to experience as much D&D as possible using our app – with our without a DM. Many of you have just started playing for the first time, returning to the game after a long pause or can only play a few times a year.

So we’re steering the wheel of Downtime Manager a bit and let’s see how it goes! With the next release comes something we currently call “Solo Sessions”. If you remember the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure or Fighting Fantasy books like the Warlock of Firetop Mountain, you will be familiar with the concept.

In a Solo Session you will have to complete a series of Downtime Activities to reach a goal. Once that goal is completed, the season is finished. Let me give you an example: the goal of the season is to bring a gift to a rival king so peace is ensured for years to come. The king is a collector of special items, so to get his attention, you need something extraordinary. The first solo activity is to find the reclusive wizard in the woods who can create such an item. The next one is to gather all the components and materials. The third is to help the wizard creating the item. The next is to bring that item to the king…. And so on.

Activities will be built on top of each like a decision tree, giving you the power of choice. Each one will give you rewards (items, gold, XP, etc.) and each one will uncover part of the story (in the form of a Note on the character sheet). We’re still figuring out how to do a proper ending of a story, but we’ll get there in days.

I hope this will be a somewhat-substitute to real D&D. Stay tuned for more info and hop into Discord for discussions!

If you like our app, then we would be very grateful if you could rate or leave a review.

Also, your feedback will help dictate the direction, features, and improvement paths for the app!

Have fun and take care of yourselves!


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