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Development Diary #22

Hey Downtimers!

First, thanks to EvilDM for popping in last week! I’m back from the wild (it was terrific), it’s time to grab the pen again 🙂 Allow me to write a few words about another development in the upcoming 2.4 version:

The Party Vault.

It must have happened to you, too, that you could not decide who would write the treasures or notes on their character sheet. Do all magic items go to the wizard until you identify them? Should the thief take care of the gems? Or the paladin? And by the way, how could the loot be distributed BEFORE appraisal?

We always hated that nobody knew who recorded that magic item we received and haven’t distributed yet. (“I’m sure we got it, I remember…” something like that. “But how long ago was it?”) We’re also confident we took a note with the name of that NPC. (“When was the last time we played? 2 months ago?”) Oh, crap.

After the next release, each party will have its own party vault. It will work as a shared character sheet: once you get party treasure, you can add it to the Vault and decide its final owner later. Any party member can add or remove items, notes, coins, estates, buildings, and later: followers.

[UPDATE, the developers just reported: the first version of the party vault was put out for testing today! So: it will be available to you soon!]

Until then, have fun and take care of yourselves!
Igor v9

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