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Development Diary #23

Hey Fellow Downtimers!

First, the good news:

Downtime Manager version 2.4 is available!

Okay so now I have to make a confession. We had to change the contents of this version at the last minute due to an unexpected technical problem. So this is how it looks like:

  • Solo Downtime Session. Not to be bored alone! This is a cool feature with a nice story from EvilDM. Details of how it works in Development Diary #21 . You can read sSome backstory for Season 1 here: The Duchy of Valkland.
  • Homebrew Browser. You can browse and add all available homebrew objects from the player screen directly!
  • Unfortunately, the Party Vault has been moved to version 2.5. We hope though that the next version will be published much sooner than usual! Sorry about this.
  • In return, the Feat system has been included in version 2.4! Now you can add feats to your character sheet and use it in Downtime actions as a prerequisite or as a reward.
    As you will surely notice, there aren’t too many “factory” feats in the app – there’s only Grapple in SRD. But! You can create your own Feat and share it with everyone, just set its visibility to “Public”!
    So, up to homebrewing! Who will upload the coolest Feats?

If you like our app, then we would be very grateful if you could rate or leave a review.

Also, your feedback will help dictate the direction, features, and improvement paths for the app!

Have fun and take care of yourselves!

Igor v9

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