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Boar Follower

Development Diary #24

Hey Fellow Downtimers!

Igor v9 is on vacation, so it’s me, EvilDM this time.

So what are we working on?

Version 2.5.

I promise it’s coming very soon, we’re doing some last-minute updates and tweaks, mostly based on user feedback.

What will it contain?

  • Party Vault: a shared place for party items, magic items, followers, buildings and notes.
  • Followers: loyal henchmen, faithful companions, helpful familiars – it’s all here. We will add a few animals and default NPCs, but of course you’ll be able to create your own homebrew followers. They will be available as Downtime Requirements and Downtime Rewards. They won’t be Downtime Costs, though. No sacrificing under the moonlight this time.
  • Solo Season #2: you’ll get a new season with 10-ish more actions and a kick-ass story.
  • User Interface updates: as the app becomes more and more complex, some UI elements needed some revamp. We’re working onĀ  making the app better and better, so don’t hold back and let us know what you want!
  • Bugfixes: some bugs reported by You will be fixed.

We’re also working on some super-secret new features, because Solo Session were very popular! We’ll let you know what these are soon enough.

Have fun and stay safe!


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