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Development Diary #26

Hey Fellow Downtimers!

After two weeks of silence, I’m here again! Sorry for the lack of news; we had to retreat a bit with the other Fanatics to think about the future of the app. After several hours of friendly discussions, we could finally outline the possible directions.

We would like to hear your voice, too! So please complete the “Downtime Manager Feedback” survey (link here); it only takes 3 minutes!

Anyway, the most essential thing from the last two weeks: we released the latest version.

Downtime Manager 2.5 is officially available!

We included Followers, Party Vault, Solo Session #2, and some improvements and bugfixes. (See the release notes for more details.)

But the work couldn’t stop (and didn’t stop!), so the scope definition for version 2.6 has been finalized! Last time we promised you “Super Secret Future Features,” so here are some that will be included in the next version:

To give Dungeon Masters even more options, we have expanded the list of requirements available when creating Downtime Actions!

  • You will be able to define not only minimum or exact value-like requirements (e.g., “you need minimum 6 Arcana”), but also skill- or ability checks which players can complete (or fail) with dice rolls (eg. “you need a DC 12 Arcana check”).
  • You will be able to set the completion of other Downtime Actions as requirements for Downtime Actions! I envision loooooong action chains … 🙂
  • Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. Some bugfixes have also been made.

If you like our app, then we would be very grateful if you could rate or leave a review.

Also, your feedback will help dictate the direction, features, and improvement paths for the app!

Have fun and take care of yourselves!

Igor v9

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