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Development Diary #29

Hey Fellow Downtimers!

Downtime Manager 2.8 is with the QA team now, so you can expect it to be released pretty soon. Let’s see what we’ve been working on in the past weeks!

Spoiler alert 🙂

Tokens for D4 (free tier) users: we listened and actually heard tons of feedback coming from free tier users about the inability to try out Homebrew content and special Downtime Actions (coop, parallel and spanning) before committing to subscription – and about the paywall coming too early.

Since we’d like to create an app which every downtimer likes, in version 2.8, we’ll give a number of tokens to D4 users every month to “spend” on adding Homebrew content or starting Homebrew- or special Downtime Actions. Every user will start with 10 and will get 4 every month. Adding a single Homebrew content will “cost” 1 token. Starting a Homebrew- or special action will consume 1 token, plus 1 token for each Homebrew content it rewards.

Revamp of the D20 subscription tier: currently if the DM holds a D20 subscription, his/her party members can use any Homebrew content he or she created. From 2.8 this will be extended: non-subscriber party members can use the Homebrew content created by any party member with a D20 subscription.

Introduction of the D100 subscription tier: again, having listened to multiple feedbacks about sharing of subscription, we created a new tier: D100. If the DM has such a level, all party members will have full access to all Homebrew content and app features, just as if they owned a D100 subscription themselves.

D100 will also arrive with cool new features, exclusive to D100 users (parties):

  • DM Control: The DM will be able to start Downtime Actions for the character, and also claim the result. The inspiration came from our own party: there are extremely busy players who’d also like to enjoy the benefits of Downtime Manager – and the DM is more than happy to start their actions.
  • Instant Actions: another cool feature for the latecomers or the same busy ones. There’s always that party member who forgot to join the downtime session, and realizes his or her mistake right before the game. These guys can do instant actions: any instant-started action will end after 1 minute, regardless of its actual time cost.
  • Locked Character: The DM will be able to lock the character. Until the character is unlocked, only Downtime Actions will be able to change it. You can go hardcore!

Several UI tweaks and bugfixes: display the subscription level in each party- and character tile; starting Private Downtime Actions; display the % of parallel actions – and so on.

If you look at our roadmap (link here), you can see what other things have come out of our idea box. It’s still important for us to make your voices heard, so: please keep voting!

If you like our app, then we would be very grateful if you could rate or leave a review.

Also, your feedback will help dictate the direction, features, and improvement paths for the app!

Have fun and take care of yourselves!

Igor v9

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