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Igor's Downtime Lab D&D 5e Downtime

Development Diary #3


Igor v9 is upgrading himself (maybe he’ll be Igor v9.1?) so it’s your favorite Evil DM speaking now.

We’ve made some pretty major decisions in the past days and also started to deploy a more flexible and robust infrastructure so we can turn start implementing:

  • custom downtime activities (dta’s)
  • cooperative dta’s
  • multi-session spanning dta’s

This will take quite a bit, but this will also give us time to revamp the UI/UX a great deal to better reflect real gameflows. Including:

  • portrait / landscape mode
  • better character sheet (including items, spells, languages and such)
  • homebrew races, classes, feats, etc.

(not mentioning that the app will look a hell lot cooler!)

The first change you’ll see is a more clear invitation system, ready to be deployed after our internal testing, hopefully within days.

Please, please, please! Hit us with more feedback!

Have fun, stay home, take care of yourselves!

Evil DM