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Development Diary #30

Hey Fellow Downtimers!

The current app store approval process has taken much longer than usual, but we can finally say:

Downtime Manager version 2.8 is officially available!

The content of the version can be read in DevDiary # 29 (link), but in short:

  • changes in the subscription system (token system for D4 users, changes for D20 subscribers, new D100 subscription tier)
  • new DM options for D100 subscription parties (DM control, instant DTA, locked characters)
  • UI tweaks and bugfixes

Unfortunately, there are some other important challenges we’ve faced that might affect you:

  • To comply with the new Google Play Store requirements, 2.8 is only available on Android 11 and up. iOS minimum requirement remains to be iOS 13 and up.
  • Due to a technical problem (3rd party engine bug) with the web platform, we cannot update the browser-based release to 2.8 at the moment.

While we were waiting, we went on with the development. It was an old debt, but now the time has come to transform the skill system in the app to comply with RAW in the core D&D rules. I will write about this (and the related/connected developments) in more details next time.

If you look at our roadmap (link here), you can see what other things have come out of our idea box. It’s still important for us to make your voices heard, so: please keep voting!

If you like our app, then we would be very grateful if you could rate or leave a review.

Also, your feedback will help dictate the direction, features, and improvement paths for the app!

Have fun and take care of yourselves!

Igor v9

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