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Development Diary #6

Hey DMs & Downtimers, greetings from the forge!

We’ve been pretty busy lately, fine-tuning the app as we prepare the final version for the official launch! Unfortunately, that meant that regular updates fell by the wayside, but here I am to remedy that situation!

What we’ve been up to:

  • First, we redesigned the User Interface (UI) to look and feel better. See some previously unreleased screenshots at the end of the article.
  • We’ve updated the character sheet but even more work on many of the features still needs to be completed. You can see some of the soon-to-be-available features.
  • All new features are available in the restructured Downtime Activities (DTAs)! You can now span, and run DTAs in parallel with one another. This means that you can both have your characters spend time on multiple tasks, but also spend time across available downtime durations. 
  • Want to make your own homebrew race, class, proficiency, language, or (of course) unique downtime activities? Now you can! The Homebrew features are now available!
  • Of course, we’ve been adding plenty of “factory” content for users to access from the database. This includes even more DTAs too! 
  • We redesigned the registration process, allowing users more options to sign-up and sign-in, Google, Apple, email, and Facebook!
  • We’ve nearly finished developing the subscription level benefits. We’ll have more specifics on each of these soon!
  • Achievement Unlocked! We now officially operate on three platforms! Android, iOS & web browser!

Huh, I think that’s it… Tons of work!

It’s also important to mention that the beta testing period was a great success! We received a lot of very useful feedback and we want to thank everyone that tried it out so we could improve the features and UI for the final version.

We are currently working on the official release of 2.0, performing the final testing and debugging tasks!

I plan to have another update each week until we make Downtime Manager officially available. Next week,  I will write about our plans for future development in addition to updating you on what’s been done already! Until then…

Have fun, stay home, take care of yourselves!

Igor v9

Create Downtime Action

Create Downtime Action