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Igor's Downtime Lab D&D 5e Downtime

Development Diary #7

Hey Downtimers, greetings from the lab!

We’re pretty busy with fine tuning the official release of Downtime Manager (DTM) as you saw from our last update!

While we are working on making what we have even better, we’re still actively thinking about what will be coming next. Here are just a few of the soon to be added content and UX additions we’ll be adding.

  • What is the point of gaining all that money adventuring if you don’t have a fancy home to crash in at the end of it, and folks that will flock to you for your renown and the promise of adventure? That’s right! Estates, Buildings and Businesses, and Followers are coming to DTM. These options will also include some set Downtime Activities (DTAs) or you’ll be able to homebrew up your own to have your characters work towards achieving these goals.
  • Role Playing Games and the adventuring party thrive on teamwork. So why shouldn’t your DTAs? We’ll be adding options for Cooperative Downtime Actions, where more than one character can pool their skills, time, and resources to accomplish something that would be too difficult for only one of them. The sky’s the limit with these options, and the programing is a little complicated, but we’re very excited to include this soon as we have many other future additions based on this aspect.
  • So you’ve got a wizard with their nose always in some book or another do you? Well, good news! The tedious task of studying and learning a new spell can be shunted off to DTM now! The option to Create New Spell will be available for all you crafty little spellslingers.
  • Each DM and GM has their own unique style. To support this, we are already working on adding a customization system to the included DTA content. This will be in addition to any homebrew content, as it will allow for altering existing content as opposed to starting from scratch!

Well, what do you think? Are you excited about these upcoming additions? What else are you hoping to see added to Downtime Manager when we launch the final application?

In the meantime, have fun, stay home, take care of yourself!

Igor v9