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Igor's Downtime Lab D&D 5e Downtime

Development Diary #9

Hello Adventurers!

We’ve got more great news for you today! We’ve put the polish on the final development of Downtime Manager 2.0 and we’ve begun the steps necessary to wide release! Each store for applications has their own challenges we must overcome, but we’re confident that we’ll have them all launched without a hitch in the coming weeks!

We are so excited!

In the meantime, of course, the work to make Downtime Manager even better continues.

  • First, our team has outlined a roadmap for the planned updates and upgrades beyond the content and options that will be offered on initial launch. As you’ll see we have a lot of awesome additions on the way. Check it out here, and stay tuned!

  • Next, we have gotten this passion project as far as we have with your help and we’d love to have you offer your feedback even more. Please let us know on social media and in our Discord channel what features you’d like to see us prioritize in these updates! We’ll do our best, as always, to take your feedback and implement it where we can.
  • The cauldron is bubbling over with homebrew options for items, magic items, spells, and skills. So you’ll be able to up vote those and see them incredibly soon! ?
  • Heroes that own property not only ground themselves to a community, but flesh out the world they play in. “Land & Buildings” and soon “Followers & Animals” will be added as options for your characters to achieve during their Downtime Actions!

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you can see it soon, as we have been working for the last long months.

In the meantime, take care of yourself, bye!

Igor v9