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Tome of Magic D&D 5e Downtime

Downtime Journals 2: Weelor

I, Weelor of the House Dimir, The Undying, Slayer of Kara-Thoth, Commander of the Cold Legion and Justicar of the Damned, well aware that most events of my life have been hopelessly misinterpreted by some lost souls who are better at quick judgments than careful consideration, hereby set down the accurate record of those event, so that the truth may at last be known…


So you killed your first troll, probably poor old Rauk. Or was it a kobold shaman, trying to raise an army to pillage the villages? Anyway. You’ve got your loot, learned a few new tricks, some new spells maybe. You are back to your… House? Village? Tavern? Pub? Flat? Apartment? I think your lifestyle between adventures must match the image you’re so desperately trying to achieve. Or If you are known as the “Savage One”, please don’t live in an upscale apartment in the rich district. If you try your best to be remembered as the “Sharp Scientist”, you’d better live reclusively in a stylish mansion.

Spend your time between adventures to create a lifestyle you want. Invest your money wisely! You didn’t kill that troll only to waste your precious golds on booze and whatnot! You made your pouch full so that you don’t have to do this till the day you die.

Buy a house! Remodel it to be your headquarters! If you don’t own enough coins to buy a house, don’t live a lavish life! Spare. Work during your downtimes! There are plenty of options – and every day can be an adventure! Why? Because you can meet new people. You can learn something new every day.

I remember a time well before I constructed the immortality spell, when I decided to build my first tower. I called it “Tower”, but in reality it was a small ruined house in the very-very poor district of Ravnica. I paid good money to my teammates and together we’ve rebuilt it and it became our headquarter. My first tower… How proud I was! A place where I could conduct my necromantic experiment in peace, without constantly worrying about a drunkard opening the wrong door in the tavern I called home previously. I created at least a dozen undead there and invented six or seven spells. I still own that building! I haven’t visited it in ages, but it fills my non-beating heart with warmth just to think about it.

You need to invest your money wisely! Work during your downtimes! Buy some property! Create a headquarter!

To be continued…