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Downtime Journal D&D 5e

Downtime Journals 3: Weelor

I, Weelor of the House Dimir, The Undying, Slayer of Kara-Thoth, Commander of the Cold Legion and Justicar of the Damned, well aware that most events of my life have been hopelessly misinterpreted by some lost souls who are better at quick judgments than careful consideration, hereby set down the accurate record of those event, so that the truth may at last be known…


Alright. So assuming you’ve been listening to what I told you the last time, you have a secret (or not so secret) headquarter somewhere. The easiest way to start experimenting with what you can do there is to start crafting. You shouldn’t create a magical item – you’re most likely not powerful enough to do that. You should create… a dagger. Yes, that’s right. A dagger.

You need a couple of things: steel. Wood. Leather. And whatever you think you should add to it. You need a small workshop to forge it. I wouldn’t call it a forge just yet, it would surely offend the weaponsmith guild. A small fireplace, bellows, hammers, chisels, whetstones, pincers… And patience. The first one will look ugly. I still remember mine. It was barely even a kitchen knife.

But I still have it. Any you know that dagger, too. Everybody does. That’s the one still buried in the undying heart of Kara-Thoth, making sure that the bastard never rises again. That idiot can thank it to himself by constructing a dumb protection spell… “A dagger that’s not a dagger…” Sweet Gods. Idiot. I named that weapon “Not-dagger” first as a joke, then much later infused it with magic, so that it could live up to its name. Of course I didn’t now about that idiotic half-demon and his tattoos back then, but you need a little luck as well. But this is besides to point now.

Go and do some simple crafting! You will see that’s infinitely better than buying something. To hold your imperfect creation in your hands in battle… That’s priceless. Crafting doesn’t take long! A dagger is a day at most, maybe half of that if you’ve got the perfect tools.

So go and do some simple crafting! And be proud of whatever it turns out to be!

To be continued…