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Downtime Sessions of the Fanatics


Even the busiest party members may suddenly be able to find a weekend to play D&D together. Well, it happened to us in early October (that was or very-very-late-summer gaming weekend). The thing which made it special was that we managed to finish the game with our characters being able to start a long downtime. In this two-part article, I’ll introduce you to our party and will give you some inspirational insight into our downtime session.

Short prelude

The party traveled by a gigantic ship with a number of explorers and settlers to an unknown continent, far to the west. After getting to know and befriending the natives and starting to construct a settlement, a series of local mysteries happened. Among others, we started to fulfill some ancient prophecies, causing unrest and not a small amount of political disagreements, the party was forced to flee. That’s how we got to an abandoned pirate’s den with some half-sunk ships and buildings re-taken by the jungle.

The heroes

Rurum Magmahide – Dwarf druid

His desire to start a clan is even stronger than his instinct to survive. He seems to be on the right track: his new wife Katra (a dwarven priestess) and their newborn son are also members of the fleeing team …

Sir Syllin Amakiiir – Half-elf paladin / warlock

The young knight has been a real leader since landing. However, since meeting the spirit of the founder of his ancient order on this continent, he started to behave rather strangely.

Da’ag – Human barbarian

Quiet, mysterious, dangerous. If possible, he became even more quiet since witnessing strange things on this continent, including at-will panther transformations. His eyes have vertical pupils now.

Tharan Ter-Yantil – Elf Ranger

Survivor of the Great War against the winged people. Now he just drifts with his faithful companion: Buns, the hunting dog, trying to find answers and meaning to life.

Loryllion – Elf Aqua sorcerer

A bohemian, light-hearted, long-lived magician. He has two passions (and weaknesses): knowledge and women. He’s equally good at both.

Nikka – Human warlock

This young orphan was adopted by the party earlier on the ship. However, her upbringing took an unwelcome direction while the party was adventuring across the continent… Anyway, she escaped with us. 

Chapter 1 – Settle down

At the end of our escape (with some detours) we arrived at a ruined, jungle-covered port city abandoned decades ago – at first glance away from all civilization and danger. The party not only had to take care of themselves, but also a woman, a newborn, and a young girl.

First, we had to gather food (luckily we found fresh water). Da’ag and Tharan took care of that while keeping an eye on the newly discovered area.


Hunting in the Wilderness (Miscellaneous)

Food and resource gathering, basic instinct

Requirements: –

Costs: only time

Special: parallel

Reward: Food (1 day)

Colonization (Acquire Land)

You conquer the land, get a small area out of the jungle for yourself.

Requirements: –

Costs: only time

Special: parallel

Reward: Estate (10 acres)


In the meantime, at least one building had to be made habitable. Luckily, there was no need for an architect, just some hard work – a task Syllin took on.


Searching the Jungle for Ruins (Construct Building)

There must be ruins somewhere here…

Requirements: Nature (10), Investigation (10), Shovel

Costs: time, 1 acre

Reward: Ruins

Restore Ruins – Hut (Construct Building)

You try to build a rudimentary hut from ruins, with any possible tool or equipment you have.

Requirements: Intelligence (12)

Costs: time, Ruins

Reward: Hut


Meanwhile, Rurum had to face vastly different challenges – he had to learn how to take care of a child. He also brew some beer, making the party forget the hardship of life and the imminent threat of Ancient Ones.


Learn child care (Train Skill)

A practice session to prepare the character how to take care of a child.

Requirements: Wisdom (6)

Costs: gold, time

Special: parallel, spanning

Reward: Child care (+1)


And Loryllion? Far from his love, he lived more in his occupation — trying to get to know and take control of the cosmic forces he had recently discovered within himself.


Practice Star Magic (Cast Ritual)

Practice the magic of the stars.

Requirements: Intelligence (10), Sorcerer (5)

Costs: time

Reward: note


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If you’re interested in our downtime adventures, stay tuned for the upcoming articles!
Our homebrew DTAs (with all their details) are fully public and you can find them in the Downtime Manager app.

-Igor v9-