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Downtime Sessions of the Fanatics #2


Even the busiest party members may suddenly be able to put together a weekend together to play D&D. Well, it happened to us in early October (that was or very-very-late-summer game weekend). What was special now was that we managed to finish the game with our characters just ahead of a long downtime. In this two-part article, I want to give you an insight into our team and the downtime we have spent.

If you haven’t already, read the previous article (Part 1) here:

Chapter 2 – Peaceful days

After providing the most basic needs, the party chilled a bit. Bland, gray everyday life has begun. Or has it?
Tharan continued to explore the far jungle, further perfecting his ranger skills. But his wandering partner, Da’ag, struggling with his inner demons, disappeared into the jungle. No one knows what he did during that time. In the weeks that have passed, only Syllin has seen it from afar.

The paladin conquered more ruins from the jungle and built a little grove, dedicated to his patron.

Excavate Ruins (Construct Building)

It’s definitely bigger than that!
Requirements: Nature (14), Investigate (14), Shovel
Costs: 1 acre, time, Ruins
Reward: Greater Ruins

Restore Ruins – Sacred Place (Construct Building)

You try to make a primitive sacred place from ruins, with any possible tool or equipment you have.
Requirements: Intelligence (12), Religion (5)
Costs: time, Greater Ruins
Reward: Sacred Place

Rurum continued his “studies”. As he became more and more experienced, he realized that he had some free time to add something else to his task list. He made some legendary dwarf love potion – ale.

Brew Ale (Miscellaneous)

The classic 7-day ale
Requirements: Brewer’s Supplies
Costs: money, time
Special: parallel, spanning
Reward: Philter of Love

Since there was no need for Nikka around the toddler anymore, she and Loryllion set out to unravel the mysteries of the strange alien technology they had acquired during their adventures.

Basic eldar tech (Miscellaneous)

Learn how eldar machines work
Requirements: Intelligence (14)
Costs: only time
Reward: Eldar technology (basic)
(Loryllion soon got bored. He wrote scrolls in his quiet solitude instead.)

As for Katra, she spent more of her time doing something more practical, making a herb garden with Syllin next to the hut.

Study of Local Flora (Miscellaneous)

Discover, observe, study, collect.
Requirements: Nature (5)
Costs: only time
Reward: Local Herbs & Plants

Build Physic Garden (Construct Building)

Plant your collected plants and herbs and make a beautiful (and valuable) physic garden.
Requirements: Nature (14), Shovel
Costs: 1 acre, time, Local Herbs & Plants
Reward: Physic Garden

Chapter 3 – Complications

The party almost believed it could live in peace in this tiny paradise when they realized why the natives had left the port. Sahuagin attacks disrupted the quiet nights.
While Tharan and Da’ag were in the jungle (and who knows what they were doing), Rurum, Syllin, and Loryllion tried to protect the settlement. Then, tired of the raids at night, they began to act.
Rurum did not let the sahuagins rest during the day, keeping them away from the port. And he even enjoyed a little while swimming in the harbor polymorphing into an awesome prehistoric shark 🙂

Work for party business (Miscellaneous)

You do work related to your party’s business venture
Requirements: –
Costs: only time
Special: parallel
Reward: gold

(I know this needs some explanation. We weren’t the ones who planned the sahuagin attack and counterattack.
That’s what it became. Have we already said that our DM is evil?)

Syllin built a watchtower using one of the ruins near the water. Being an elf, Loryllion spend some nights in the tower, guarding the party.

Practice makes perfect (Miscellaneous)

As you carve another piece of land from the jungle and transform another ruin into something building-like, you clearly gain knowledge of which tools are helpful for the task (and you make them too).
Requirements: Strength (12), Intelligence (12)
Costs: only time
Reward: estate, Mason’s Tools, Mason’s Tools proficiency, Small Tower

Sahuagin attacks seemed to be waning. But Syllin and the angry Rurum (being afraid for his child) are preparing for the final blow… but that will be an in-game issue ?


This long (6 months) downtime session was great fun. It turned out neither our characters nor us, the players are the same. Everyone had different background goals, and it was really perfect that way. Unfortunately, not all of us had the time to handle our characters. Still, we definitely owe a debt of gratitude to EvilDM, who could be bothered at any time to “approve me please,” plus he colored the DTs for us with a fantastic narrative.

I really enjoyed it 🙂

If you’re interested in our downtime adventures, stay tuned for the upcoming articles!

Our homebrew DTAs (with all their details) are fully public, so you can find them in the Downtime Manager app.

-Igor v9-