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Downtime Center Kickstarter Campaign

Our Kickstarter campaign is LIVE!

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Downtime Explanation

What’s in the campaign?

Downtime Manager wants to become the tool that is used in between D&D sessions by Players and DMs alike, to remain connected, to remain engaged, and to keep the mood of the games going. The app has already hosted more than 1 100 downtime sessions since its launch in May 2021 for more than 15 000 players.

But if you prefer an offline, personal experience, all we’ve learnt about time is there in a massive tome, The Great Book of Downtime.

Now our new aim is to level up our game and give you even more options, so you don’t have to stop playing D&D – even after the session has ended.

You have many choices if you want to spend time with your character between D&D sessions in a meaningful way (and will have more if our goals are reached!). Depending on the length of your Downtime Session, you can mix and match these as you like.
Fun stuff that needs the player’s interaction, not only that of the character’s. Playing a game of cards or dice in the local tavern, bet on the fighters of the local Arena or on the teams of the Siegeball League. All these will be available as in-app minigames.
These activities are great for you if you want to spend 5 – 20 minutes with your character in a D&D setting.
Actions that take around a day to complete. Creating smaller items, reading short documents, selling merchandise on a local market, deciphering a code – or even fighting in the Arena – see Solo Combat later.
You can check back once or twice a day to see how your character is doing.
The characters do activities for multiple days, maybe even weeks or months. These can include training, casting lengthy rituals, crafting fancy items, constructing buildings, and so on. Actions that require 8-10 hours a day for the character.
While your character is constructing The Banisher, the ultimate broadsword she always wanted, she can engage in short- or instant actions as well!

Solo Adventures

For players

Your D&D character is on a solo mission. It can be a side-quest privately arranged with the DM, settling a debt long due from the character’s background story, or doing a favor to one of the NPCs. These solo missions can be narrative-based: information gathering, a recon mission, or a bardic contest. Or they can be action-based: dungeoneering, monster-hunting, or fighting in the pits.

Whichever you select, we’ve got you!

You’ll get to choose from dozens of adventures, for any character level. You’ll get high-quality writing through a choose-your-own-path gamebook, exciting challenges with minigames, and action. You can choose to narrate the combat yourself or ask for help from our volunteer DMs. It is all completely up to you. It’s your adventure. You have the option of using your mobile device or your computer, and you can play at any time.

For DMs

We will give you digital tools to create, run, and monetize D&D 5e Solo Adventures – for your own players in your party, or for anyone else. You can create adventures that are free-to-play, or you can turn this into a new revenue source. DMs can keep 70% of the revenue earned this way – please check out the different tiers for higher shares.

Using our toolset, you will be able to create complex gamebooks with cool story hooks, lots of alternative paths, unlimited decision points, and satisfying rewards. All this using the D&D ruleset.

Adventure editor: you’ll be able to create the basic backbone of the gamebook. Pages leading to other pages, forks, decisions, conditions, and paths.

Pages and paragraphs: these will be the screens your players will read. You can pack them with conditions, for example, saying that a certain paragraph or option will only appear for the player if or when he or she talks to the bartender in the pub, “this or that” item is in his or her possession or the Charisma value is above 15. You’ll be able to create complex scenarios based on previous choices or even character traits.

Combat editor: choose a map, choose your monsters and set the possible outcomes. Your player will either play the combat alone or can ask a DM to play along. A combat would be no more than 10 minutes, this way it’s still challenging yet provides the necessary tension required for a combat-style game.

All this will be on-screen, with no overly complicated scripting or parameter hell. Perhaps the coolest element is that should you decide to create paid Solo Adventures in the app, you keep 70% of the revenue.

What’s more, Solo Adventures will be great for beginner D&D Players or DMs to familiarize themselves with the basic rules in a safe condition.

Solo Combat

The Arena. The Pit. A place for the brave, for the fortune hunter – or the one with a death wish. If you are in the mood, you can enter using your D&D character. You’ll be able to choose a map and also the enemies you will go head to head against. You can play the combat on your own using the guides and tactics we provide, or you can ask for the help of our volunteer DMs. Someone will join you within minutes and you’ll be able to play.

Others are able to watch you play, and place in-character bets on the outcome of the combat (which is, of course, not exchangeable to real money).

For those not yet familiar with the ins and outs of D&D, doing a quick combat with an experienced DM will also help you to learn the rules, so you can be more confident the next time you play.

The whole premise of Downtime Manager is for players to remain connected, to stay in character, and to play as much as possible between actual gaming sessions. With our Solo line offering, we’d like to add even more options to play.

VTT Integration

You’ve just finished your session using the VTT platform you like. Now, simply press a button and the character is transported to Downtime Manager. You run your own Downtime extravaganza: from crafting that sword to brewing that potion, to taking out the ghoul in the local cemetery, and running your guild – You completely run the show. Once Downtime is over, you put your advanced character back to the VTT platform and hop right into the game session.

We plan to integrate as many VTT platforms as possible – we’re already in discussion with the larger ones, getting neutral and positive answers. We’ll keep you posted on the progress!

Downtime Starter Kit

This 20-pages long starter kit will arrive in PDF format with awesome illustrations. It will describe to the DM why Downtime is important in D&D and how to plan a great Downtime Session into the campaign. It will give the DM tips on how to set up requirements, costs, and rewards while keeping game balance.

This will be accompanied by a chapter containing 30 sample Downtime Actions, to inspire the DM on how to create some more. We will feature some random tables so you can quickly create events during your Downtime Session, based on location and season (summer in the city, winter in the woods, etc.).

Finally, it will detail some captivating downtime story hooks which the DM can play on a 1:1 session, or even via email with the players.

Table of Contents:

  • What is Downtime?
  • How to plan a Downtime Session?
  • Requirements, costs, and rewards
  • Downtime Actions
  • Downtime Events
  • Downtime Story Hooks

The Great Book of Downtime

This massive, 200 page-long book will contain everything the DM will need to create a kick-ass Downtime Session. We will share our decades-long experience on designing Downtime Sessions into campaigns on how to keep even the busiest or laziest player engaged between actual gaming sessions.

D&D is nothing without communication and tools, therefore we’ll dedicate an entire chapter for DM – Player, and Player – Player communication during Downtime Sessions.

Time and events are important: and it is equally important to keep track of everything, for this we will give the DM tools, charts, and timelines to utilize.

An entire chapter will be dedicated to homebrewing – the thing DMs love the most.

How can you create downtime actions without messing up the balance?

We will add hundreds of Downtime Actions. The DM only has to choose which ones are allowed and the Players can jump right in on it. Every possible action type will be covered, from crafting to summoning, and from learning to farming.

While the Players run their show, the world around them is running its course. Economy, politics, intrigue, underworld – how to keep track of everything? We will share our take on continuous world-building.

Furthermore, we will feature great NPCs to spice up the Downtime Sessions: 25 NPCs will be featured in order to make sure the DM can create memorable encounters. This part will be concluded by 25 story hooks and 10 side-quests. This way,  whenever even a single player has some time, the DM can be ready for an impromptu session. Conversely, if the DM is the letter sending kind, why not incorporate a fun-filled adventure of about 20 awesome riddles to keep players occupied till the next session?

All this and more – check the stretch goals as well!

D&D 5-e compatible adventure: A New World

This gargantuan, 250 page-long sandbox adventure will give at least 200 hours of thrilling gameplay for your four to six players, taking them from level 1 to level 20. This holy grail of D&D was crafted leveraging 25 years of DMing experience, this campaign is an adventure and a whole new world in one, providing intriguing storytelling options.

This is how the campaign starts. The crossing takes two months, this will be a long and adventurous journey, full of many ups and downs, moments of incredible joy but also moments of heart-breaking hardships. Once they dock and start constructing the new town, they will have a chance to meet the two friendly local tribes, explore ancient city ruins, learn a fun sport, and play their role in creating a better life, one more in harmony with nature and its surroundings.

The twist of course is that there’s more to the new land than meets the eye. Ancient secrets binding the multiverse in chains are unraveled, and our heroes will learn that they are here not by accident or because of their skills, but due to the result of careful planning that started a millennia ago.

The players will have the chance to venture in any direction they so choose, either to live as peacefully as possible or to influence the fate of the multiverse.

The campaign will feature a detailed, vast continent, two tribes, multiple cities, ancient ruins, technologies and spells unheard of, new subclasses, lots of NPCs, and monsters. Since it is a sandbox campaign, a story arc, and several possible scenarios are provided, it will be up to the DM and the Players to decide the course of their adventure.

In numbers:

  • 40 NPCs
  • 30 new monsters
  • 1 map of the city-ship Hopebringer
  • 1 world map of the New World
  • 5 city maps
  • 10 detailed maps of ruins and dungeons
  • Dozens of player handouts, including the template to create a local newspaper, letters, and findings
  • A timeline tracker

Table of Contents:

  1. Summary
  2. Setup and hooks
  3. Behind the curtain
  4. Places and folks
  5. Events
  6. Timeline and possible story arcs
  7. Downtime Sessions and Downtime Actions
  8. Endgames
  9. NPCs
  10. Monsters
  11. Maps: the New World
  12. Maps: cities, dungeons, and ruins
  13. Player handouts

Stretch Goals

2 days to start!

Our Kickstarter campaign is LIVE!

Visit and BACK US to make this happen!