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Results of the Feature Poll on Discord

We have concluded our first feature poll on our Discord ( channel and here are the results:

1. All D&D races and classes

We’re working on it! It might lead to licensing issues with Wizards, in this case we will figure something out – worst case scenario: you’ll be able to add “homebrew” elements to your characters, including classes and races.

2. Option for the DM to create custom DT activities

Igor v9 is already in his laboratory, figuring out the best way to do this!

3. Include all spells for relevant DT activities

Same as (1)! We’ll add all SRD spells, and for the rest either we get approval or it will be “homebrew”, for the DMs and Players.

4. Additional login options

Next one to be added will be Google-based authentication. We’d shy away from creating our own user registration system with GDP-aaaaRgh out there for the time being.

5. Desktop browser

It’s coming for sure.

6. Portrait mode on mobile

Well, this needs a total UI overhaul (which is on the roadmap anyway), so probably this will be the slowest.


Other features scoring high:

  • Proper character generator function (besides the current fully manual one)
  • Option to filter DT activities which are not available for your character
  • Option for the DM to enable/disable DT activities for the current DT session
  • More than one character and party by player/DM

We’re working on these as well!


Thank you all for voting!

Let’s continue the discussion on Discord ( !