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Please note that this reflects our current plans and is subject to change based on user feedback, bug reports and the kiss of the Muses.

Last update: 15th of September, 2021. Thank you for the votes!

Current version: 2.6.0.

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  • Downtime Action: variable costs. DMs will be able to define cost-decreasing or cost-increasing elements. For example: “For every value above Acrobatics 3, the Time cost of the action will decrease with 1 hour.” or “For every score below Intelligence 12, the Gold cost of the action will increase by 100.”
  • Downtime Action: hidden note reward. Currently Note rewards can be seen on the action details screen. DMs will be able to set notes to be hidden, only to be shown when the action is completed.
  • Downtime Action: password requirement. DMs will be able to set a a password which can be entered when starting the action by the player. If missed, the action cannot be started.
  • Downtime Action: one-time action. DMs can set that a particular downtime action can only be completed once by a character.
  • Delete homebrew content and action. You’ll be able to delete homebrew content and actions.
  • Narrative Downtime Session. You’ll be able to create a series of actions, which can be “read” as a Gamebook (or Solo Adventure).
  • Rate Solo Adventures. Players will be able to rate Solo Adventures.
  • Lockable characters. DMs and Players can lock characters, so after the initial creation, its details can only be changed by actions (or the DM).
  • Downtime Action: Dungeon Crawl. Explore short dungeons with traps and secret doors as downtime actions.
  • Downtime Action: Combat. Short, grid-based combat with a few enemies. Either you can DM it yourself to yourself, or you can shout for a random DM to do the combat with you.
  • Downtime Action: Craft Spell. A downtime action resulting in not learning an existing spell for the character, but to create a completely new one.
  • Minigames. Play minigames, like your character would do in a its idle time. Dice, cards, betting, dexterity games.
  • 1:1 Chat. the option to do one-on-one chat between party members.
  • Downtime Session Template. The DM will be able to create session templates, including allowed and auto-approved categories, cost- and duration multipliers per category, and durations.
  • Link different login sources. Users will be able to link their various login options (email, Apple, Google, Facebook) and use the same character / party using different logins.
  • Run guilds and other businesses. A multiplayer feature where users will be able to create and manage businesses (guilds, inns, workshops) to get passive income.
  • Lifestyle settings. The DM will be able to set whether a Downtime Session will include default daily spendings based on characters’ lifestyle.
  • Central tavern of players. A multiplayer place for characters to meet, perform cross-party downtime activities, play minigames and talk.
  • Siegeball. Play a siegeball(-like) game with your own character, your own party. Fantasy football mixed with fast-pace combat.
  • Option to upload custom character / party avatars. Users could upload their own character or party pictures into the app.
If you have an opinion on what you want to see in the app sooner, vote on the features!

Release notes of previous releases

Downtime Manager 2.6.0

Downtime Manager 2.6.0
Added “Skill and Ability Checks” and “Downtime Action as Downtime Action requirement”

What’s new?
Skill- and Ability Check as Downtime Action requirements:
Roll a D20 to determine whether you can start an action or not! DMs can set the DC and the number of rerolls you can take in a single Downtime Session.

Downtime Actions as Downtime Action requirements:
The DM can now set the completion of certain Downtime Actions to be the starting requirement of other Downtime Actions!

Improved adding the Ability reward at downtime action editor.

Fixed a bug with parallel downtime actions and cancel from the watch screen.

Downtime Manager 2.5.0

Downtime Manager 2.5.0
Added “Followers”, “Party Vault” and “Solo Season 2”

What’s new?


Followers are available on the character sheet. You can set followers as Downtime Action requirements and rewards. You can create homebrew followers as well. We’ve also uploaded a bunch of NPCs.

Party Vault:

By selecting the tile of the party on the lobby screen, you get access to the party vault. You can add items, magic items, followers, buildings, notes and coins to the party itself. Then later you can assign those rewards to characters.

Solo Season 2:

What happened after you created the Everglobe? It was supposed to be the best gift ever. But something went wrong… Explore the 2nd solo season with three different story paths!


Changed character sheet sections from scrollable ones to paged ones, so it’s easier to scroll the character sheet itself.

Changed several selector popups at downtime action creation.

Added a new filter at downtime action selection, to filter out the ones you cannot do.

Improved scrollbar visibilities.


Fixed a bug with parallel downtime actions and rewards claim.

Fixed a bug of downtime actions where the “OR” logical operator was incorrectly behaving in certain cases.

Fixed a bug when selecting the back or cancel buttons on certain screens before that screen was correctly loaded made the app crash.

Downtime Manager 2.4.0

Downtime Manager 2.4.0
Added “Solo Downtime Session”, “Feats”, “Homebrew Browser”

What’s new?

Solo Downtime Session:

You can start a story-based Solo Downtime Session on your own! In Season 1, 10 actions await with a cool story to unfold! Will you help the wizard Kheragol to create a mysterious magic item and thus strengthen the peace treaty with the Dragons?


Feats are available on the character sheet. You can set feats as Downtime Action
requirements and rewards. You can create homebrew feats as well.

Homebrew Browser:

You can browse and add all available homebrew items from the player screen.

Homebrew content add settings:

You can now set how a homebrew content can be added to a character sheet: regularly, or only as a result of a downtime action.


Improved the first window of Homebrew Downtime Action creation


Stability and some UI improvements

Downtime Manager 2.3.0

Downtime Manager 2.3.0
Added „Homebrew Leaderboard”, „Invitations”, „Achievements” and „New First-Time User Experience”

What’s new?
Homebrew Leaderboard:

The most added and the most voted homebrew content, as well as the most active homebrew creators are now on a leaderboard.


You can invite other players to use Downtime Manager. After 5 registered invitees, we unlock 2 avatars for you. After 10 registered invitees, we unlock a D10 subscription for 2 months for you.

We added a few dozen new avatars which can only be achieved.


A new, more explanatory first-time user experience has been added.


You can now view Downtime Action results from the Downtime Action details page.


Some layout fixes with the homebrew details popup.

Downtime Manager 2.2.0

Downtime Manager 2.2.0
Added “Buildings”, “Scrolls” “shared subscription”, and “what’s new”, UI tweaks and bugfixes.

What’s new?

Shared Subscription:
The party “inherits” the DM’s subscription level, so players can now access all and any homebrew content created by their DM, as long as the DM has a valid D20 subscription. Note: players without subscription still cannot use homebrew content not created by their DM.

Cooperative downtime actions:
We added the long-awaited option so party members can do cooperative downtime actions. Every coop action has a minimum number of characters who must work together to complete that action.
If someone starts a coop downtime action, party members are notified that they are invited to join. Once they open the app, they can see the open and available coop actions in the categories list.
The requirements of a coop downtime action can be met by any party member, meaning that the characters can combine their abilities to satisfy the requirements of the downtime action.
The costs are always paid by the character who started the coop downtime action.
The rewards are also received by the character who started the coop downtime action.

Buildings and Estates:
Estate: estate is total size of land your character owns. Every building occupies some space, reducing the available estate size.
Buildings: you can add buildings to your character sheets.
Homebrew Building: you can create homebrew buildings.
Downtime Actions: we created a nice tech tree for buildings and added the downtime actions so you can construct them.

Items: scrolls are now available to add to the magic items section. We’ve added the SRD spells as scrolls.
Downtime Action: we’ve created a category for every magic user so they can scribe scrolls. We also uploaded the SRD spells as scrolls here as well.


Spell classes: spell selector pop-up now includes a class selector.

Item types: item selector pop-up now includes a type selector.

Magic item types: magic item selector pop-up now includes a type selector.


Fixed a bug where costs of previously edited downtime actions was kept when you created a new one.

Fixed a bug where the app sort-of allowed downtime sessions to end on invalid dates (like the 31st of February).

Downtime Manager 2.1.0

Downtime Manager 2.1.0

Added multiple homebrew options and fixed a few bugs.

What’s new?
Homebrew Magic Items, Homebrew Items, Homebrew Spells, Homebrew Skills:

You can create and add these to your character, use them as requirements and rewards in Downtime Actions.

Added Push Notifications:

Downtime Session started, Downtime Session ended, Downtime Action needs approval, Downtime Action approved, Downtime Action completed.

Added a visual feedback when clicked on subscription action for web browser users.

Fixed a bug on iOS: Google authentication source is disabled.
Fixed a bug with Spanning Downtime Actions. They didn’t stop when the Downtime Session ended.

Downtime Manager 2.0.0 Build 74

Downtime Manager 2.0.0 Build 74

Removing the tutorial in exchange for a more simple video tutorial link collection.

What’s new?
Removed the step-by-step tutorial.
Added a Video collection screen.
Added a new Tile in Settings to open the video collection screen any time.

Fixed a bug on the characters sheet: item, magic item and spell details were only opening up in Edit mode.

Downtime Manager 2.0.0

Downtime Manager 2.0.0

The first release of Downtime Manager 2. Thank you for the support of the community!

What’s new?
Character Creation
Party Creation
Party Management
Join Party
Create Downtime Session
Participate in Downtime Session
Parallel Downtime Actions
Spanning Downtime Actions
Homebrew Content: in this version Proficiencies, Languages, Classes, Races and Downtime Action.
Homebrew Content visibilities (Private, Private to One Party, Private to All My Parties, Public)
Part Chat
D4, D10 and D20 subscription levels


Known limits and issues
Character Creation: character management is manual. DT2 is not aiming to be a full-scale character management application. Only skill- and proficiency bonuses are calculated automatically this time.